Spartak Myjava - Slovan Bratislava

Your opening kickoff match between Spartakom Myjava and Slovanom Bratislava is scheduled for Sunday at 17:30. As the final 18th round duel capped Jesenná part Fortunaligy.

Duel on Záhorí will not only struggle for league points, but a final performance of captain Martin Černáčka to terminate the professional playing career. "The age of man let go, that's one factor. The previous coaches he has to thoroughly make-up, so in terms of mental site, I was ready for it. Moreover, there is another fact. For more than a year we work, and that work is somehow snowball. Had I wanted in football continue at my age it should be vice versa, and should I have more time to relax. You currently have it, unfortunately, less and less. So I have concluded that in such a Zhone between training time and the work it was already dangerous for my health. it would risk injury or something else right now. coaching job in addition to my age in vrcholovom sport would be no great risk, "he explained the reasons for the end.

Pavol Kosík retired a year ago and a half, has now been added to it and Čečo has. Goalkeeper Peter Solnička and cadres remain in the last representative of the legendary trio. Fell asked if you neprehováral to more neodchádzal. "Yes, prehováral. Soldat I still say it's a sucker, because this is year 82, that is over 80. I am 79, therefore, I was still 70-kar. Behold PAL cart so I spoke. If I was born in 80 -tych years, so you're just getting a career. even now in Prešov we were together in the room and, of course, those discussions were about. the other side is that she and her family, children, they need me to be devoted to them on weekends. pronouncedly pending or weekends or do I have time. enjoyed it enough in terms crowded on weekends, so you must start well give them. "

"I'd like is to thank all the people, not only funkcionárom, spoluhráčom, trainer, or former or simultaneous, but the fans as well, allowing me to experience this new football byword. Man has not nedúfal that could be in such a large football's return. This has happened it as a taunt, as a wave of a magic wand. Many things are there changed and my dream always was to play professional football, build a house and have a family. Also, thanks to all people around the soccer were, to me it came true. it was not a month Barcelona or Real, but it's even more added value, that is what has happened at home Myjavou. it's otherworldly, are a super experience and all the things that are around that have taken place. In a way, both the popularity and more things. Everything's been very pleasant and I want to thank you all for it. "