Both began and ended. Drakes was shot in the leg, they did not take on its back

Offensive rebounds opponent. That was the issue that broke his neck Oregon. The problem which did not allow the Ducks delivered to school property second title. That one is from 1939, when the NCAA champion played the first time.

Since then, The O and its green jerseys for the Final Four were missing.Only this year arrived to sedmdesátitisícového boiler in Glendale near Phoenix.

Four young men who brought the team this far, was again indispensable and very well played basketball against the nobles of North Carolina.

The California native with a Greek mother and a Greek passport Tyler Dorsey Abraham planted 21 points - and yet it fell on her from the end of the season average of 23.6 points.

The university ratios velezkušený Kanaďan Dylan Ennis which already has the NBA his younger brother, Tyler, added 18 points and six rebounds.

His compatriot and skorojmenovec Dillon Brooks before his vyfaulováním got 10 points and six rebounds.

rang numbers mainly from the dynamic Jordana Bella - 13 points, 16 rebounds and four blocks.

But the team had against opponents bulky major weakness on the landing. Partly to blame and Bell, who simply neglected the obligation to pay when landing his players.

At the beginning, when the North Carolina heavily promoted, allowed Oregonští series of second chances.One of the first attacks, Tar Heels was repeated three times.

And in the end, when Oregon liquidated leadership rival, and at the last minute from 71:77 to 76:77 caught up, got the turnover of not one, but two opportunities.

First, Kennedy Meeks and after Joel Barry II. his North Carolina asset, in the last six seconds of throwing away four free throws.


The score twice landed.

When the ball four seconds before the end came pořízek Kennedy Meeks, he was already sixteen (!) Offensive rebounds Tar Heels in the game and eighth (!) Offensive rebounds from Meeks itself. A second ran. Three. Two. One…Oregon had missed another intentional foul, nothing.Just the sadness.

So Oregon received a lesson and North Carolina trained. "If I had, Roy Williams, pick one single thing, then I think the match is decided rebounds. It's simple. This is the only way to get more attacks, "he said in his lecture coach of the winning team.

The other day philosophy confirm the number. Williams cadre doskočí attack over 42 percent of their shots failed - and is the best in the NCAA.

From the pivot Meeks is far protagonist participation record 20th North Carolina Tar Heels among the top four teams NCAA.Oregon mastered rebounds against a total of 14 points and 25 planted when transformed into 11 of the 13 shots.

Justin Jackson, the greatest of talents among this year's university successor to Michaela Jordana, Meeks added 22 points. Theo Pinson to their usual great defense added eight points and eight rebounds and five assists on top.

After the match surrounded them great joy. Which team would be able to dominate the match in which the last five minutes and 50 seconds hit a single shot? "That will not win matches…Well, we did it," sighed Pinson.

He and all his teammates can look forward to Monday's chance to improve last year's finals defeat.Then be enough to Villanova, and after losing the last second Troika wept present Jordan.

Against the whole Gonzaga, who this season has failed in only one game, they want the best basketball player of all time pofinálové cause completely different feelings. After all, they do it for themselves.